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PatiCat in Google Earth

The following is a link to a special Google Earth file which has been a labor of love during the last couple of months. I have spent hours reading our journals and logs and created detailed tracks of our passages, and approximate coordinates for all the locations PatiCat anchored during our ownership between 2001 and 2004. (NOTE: do NOT use this data for navigation purposes as they are NOT based on actual GPS coordinates during our trip, but approximations only).

Google Earth is a fantastic free application from Google for visualizing location information, and I think is a great tool for cruisers allowing us to share valuable information such as anchorage locations, pictures, details, etc. You can read all about Google Earth from my blog at GEarthBlog.com including where to go to download this free application.

After you've installed Google Earth, download >>>>this file<<<<. You can open the folders in the Places sidebar and turn on and off passages or anchorages. If you select an anchorage it will most likely show you a link to the web pages here at Paticat.com telling you about our visit to that island country or location. Or, it may give you useful cruising tips for that anchorage.

Please let me know what you think of this.

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